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Carl Pavilla


A Fictional Story Based on Yup'ik Oral Legends

Unspected Book Cover

Publication Consultants (2013)


A Fictional Story Based on Yup'ik Oral Legends. Enter the world of the Yup'ik people. Embark on a journey that will take you deep into the land of the real people. Unsuspected appeals to Alaska Natives, Native Alaskans, Alaskans in general, and to anyone interested in history, legends, and fiction of the Native peoples of the Americas. It's an interesting story and holds the reader's attention to the very end

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"Today I am excited to announce Carl Pavilla published his book Unsuspected and is now in print. It's a Fictional book based on Yup'ik stories. Had to share.... He is from Atmautluak."

-- agluryaq.... i wonder what's at the end of your rainbow??


Carl Pavilla, born in Bethel and raised in Atmautluak, is the son of Fred and Evelyn Pavilla Sr. and next to the youngest of eight children. Carl graduated from Joann A. Alexie Memorial High School and attended University of Alaska Fairbanks before joining the U.S.M.C. and being stationed in Hawaii.

Carl came up with Unsuspected while walking on the beach at Tulukarnarlak where he found a stone arrowhead. There is only tundra in the area and no rocks. Surprised to see an arrowhead, he looked around. About ten feet from the first arrow head, he found another one. He then remembered a story from an Elder about the casualties of war. He said that at one wartime, every ten dead were speared to count them. So thinking about that story, he discovered a stone arrowhead every ten feet. The last one was an ivory tusk from a walrus or a mammoth. Thinking that the arrowhead story might have happened he decided to write it down along with other oral stories to perserve them. Elders, friends, and family supplied the Unsuspected stories. When stories about shaman were told, people would stop and listen.